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flexWorkLife.my aims to build a network of employers and talents to optimise work-life integration while maximising work efficiency and enhancing employee engagement.

The portal has a repository of the best ideas and practices in flexible working arrangements as well as family-friendly facilities. You will also find case studies, success stories and job opportunities which offer flexible working arrangements.

Logo Rationale

True to the theme of flexWorkLife.my, the ‘X’ in this logo demonstrates the overarching flexibility needed in working arrangements and family-friendly facilities to foster good work-life balance.

The ‘X’ is also lengthened to depict the extended arms that open up to welcome talent in and returning to the workforce. The ‘X’ also stands for the X-factor, the difference, the essential element necessary to find work-life balance in a collaborative manner.

The red colour symbolises courage to embrace a mindset change and leadership commitment. Red also projects vitality and energy.

Blue positions flexWorkLife.my as a source of inspiration. It also elicits a feeling of peace and calm as well as opens the flow of communication between employers and employees.

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Participating Companies

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