13 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to answer any questions you may have about our efforts on flexWorkLife. For any further enquiry that is not listed here, we welcome your comment.

  • Why does flexWorkLife.my advocate on flexibility at work?
    In talent attraction and retention, it is often perceived that salary is the main deciding factor for an employee to join or stay with an organisation. However, a 2013 study by Aon Hewitt shows that both female and Gen-Y employees value “flexibility at work” over “rewards”.
  • Is there any subscription fee to participate in this portal?
    No, flexWorkLife.my is free to both employers and women at the moment.
  • My company is interested to share our best practices at work in the flexWorkLife.my portal. How do I get started?
    Great! Please refer to the “Contact Us” page and choose to either drop the flexworklife team an email or speak to us.
  • Why is there tax incentive for employers that hire and train women on career break?
    In 2012, YAB PM announced that companies that hire women on career break will be granted double tax deduction on the training expenses incurred. This is part of the initiatives to encourage more women, being a source of latent talent, to return to the workforce.
  • Why is there particular interest in encouraging women to return to the workforce?
    In Malaysia, women make up more than 60% of enrolment in local universities but according to the April 2012 World Bank Malaysia Economic Monitor, the women’s labour force participation rate shows only 46%, which is low by regional and international standards. This number dwindled further to 11% when analysing the percentage of women at mid to senior management level. This statistics evidently proves the business case to attract women to re-enter the workforce especially when a company is found to have better financial performance when there are women Board members (Source : The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards (2004-08): Catalyst, 2011).
  • My company is keen to hire women on a career break. Do I register for the tax incentive before or only after we have employed the women?
    Please submit your application for a conditional approval (stage 1 out of 2) before employing the women from career break.
  • Where do I register my company to be eligible for the double tax deduction incentive?
    Please fill up the form under “Tax Incentive” of the ‘Return to Work’ tab.