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About FlexWorkLife.my

Work-Life Practices, in the form of Flexible Work Arrangements, Family-Friendly Facilities, and Work-Life Benefits are proven to create better workplaces and a healthier workforce.

Flexworklife.my, an initiative under Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp) is the Government’s efforts to ensuring Diversity & Inclusion practices are recognised for a future-proof workplace and workforce.

In this website, you will find references to exemplary Work-Life Practices and shared experiences for organisations to adopt as part of their organisational culture to drive business competitiveness and growth. 

Flexworklife.my is also a repository of Work-Life Practices toolkit, guidelines, and publications of Flexible Work Arrangements, Family-Friendly Facilities and Work-Life Benefits.

Besides Flexworklife.my, our LIFE AT WORK initiative is an awards event that recognises organisations with leading Diversity & Inclusion practices that:

  • support employees WORK advancement for the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0  
  • create a better WORKPLACE environment for employee’s engagement and experience to drive productivity and innovation  
  • future-proof WORKFORCE job skills and job capabilities for the future of work      

 To find out more or to collaborate with us, please e-mail: flexworklife@talentcorp.com.my

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