18 Aug 2015 12:00:00 AM

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

Interview with Joan Wong, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

Joan was the first recruiter who successfully hired a woman returnee from the Career Comeback Networking Event organised by TalentCorp in March 2014.

How did you source for the returnee?

Joan and her colleague attended the event with an open mind, and were pleasantly surprised by the number of participants who turned up, all ready and excited to meet with the prospective employers. In particular, they were looking for energetic individuals who will take the initiative to speak to them and find out more about Standard Chartered as well as the career opportunities they had to offer. Joan and her colleague were also keen to find out why the participants had decided on a career comeback and the skills that they can bring to the organisation.

What position did the woman returnee fill?

Talent Acquisition Coordinator, assisting with the administrative end of the recruitment process.

What caught your attention in her resume?

Her resume was neatly presented and easy to read through at a glance. She did not possess the relevant experience for the job as she had a technical research background, but she highlighted that her background would be suited to administrative tasks as it required her to be meticulous and data focused, which was key for the role we were hiring for.

What was the feedback from the Line Manager after the interview?

I expressed that the candidate was pro-active in approaching me at the networking event, and that she exhibited the personality and tenacity that we were looking for to fill our vacancy. She went through two rounds of interviews and was pitted against more experienced candidates but landed the role.

What advice would you share to women aiming to return to work?

Be realistic on the job that would fit your experience and also your lifestyle. Networking events are important and make sure your “elevator speech” with the prospective employer is a memorable one as you want to stand out from the crowd. Leverage on social media platforms, ensuring that you have a detailed profile highlighting your key skills. Connect with individuals in the area of your expertise, and “follow” companies that you are interested in. Companies are increasingly turning to social media to recruit so make the best use of this medium.
Networking events are important and make sure your “elevator speech” with the prospective employer is a memorable one.
Joan Wong