21 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM

Childcare Centre

On-site Childcare Centre to cater for employees with young children or to engage external off-site facilities or caretakers to provide childcare services.
There are three (3) proposed options for employers to set up a childcare centre, which includes:

  1. Employers, companies or businesses embark on the initiative individually.

  2. Employers, companies or businesses in a single building/office premise jointly set up a common childcare centre.

  3. Employers, companies or businesses either individually or jointly set up a centre close to the workplace or employee residential area.

Important Considerations 
  • Determine internal demand by employees for childcare centre by conducting surveys or focus groups.

  • Understand the childcare centre implementation cost impact on the organisation.

  • Ensure compliance with application process guidelines – refer to JKM Guidelines and liaise with Bomba, Department of Health and Local Authority.

  • Obtain support and buy-in from top management for childcare centre implementation.

Case Studies
Telekom Malaysia - TM Dynamic Kids
Maybank - Maybank Tiger Cubs Childcare Centre
MIMOS - Kindergarten & Transit Centre
Citibank - CitiKids Care Centre

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