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Mother’s Room/Nursing Room

A mothers’ room, lactation or a nursing room is a private and comfortable space in the office for mothers to use for breast-feeding, expressing or temporarily storing breast milk.

Finding ways to promote exclusive breastfeeding remains a challenge as many mothers discontinue breastfeeding when they return to work. A Malaysian study on understanding the reasons behind why women discontinue breastfeeding observed that it is important for workplaces to provide adequate breastfeeding support to ensure continuation of the internationally recommended time period for breastfeeding an infant.

In order to facilitate continued exclusive breastfeeding after mothers return to work, there has to be supportive work place health promotion policies in place. According to the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines, it is important for employers to ensure the provision of education and health promotion, facilitation of either frequent feeding or frequent expression, and accessibility to store breast milk, at the workplace.


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