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Job Sharing

Part-time work where two or more part-time employees share the responsibility and compensation of a full-time position.
Some examples of these arrangements are as follows:

Shared Responsibility
2 employees jointly share the responsibilities of one full-time job. The areas of work are interchangeable and are most suitable for on-going positions rather than project based positions.

Divided Responsibility
2 employees share one full-time position and divide responsibilities. They perform separate tasks and provide back up for each other when necessary thus this options is suitable for project based positions.
Unrelated Responsibility
2 employees perform completely different tasks but for headcount purposes, they are counted as a single position. This option is suitable for both on-going positions and project based positions.

Important Considerations
  • Proper policy, system controls and reporting must be in place prior to implementation.

  • Employees and supervisor must have a significant amount of trust to successfully implement a job sharing arrangement.

  • A degree of control over this FWA is needed depending on the company’s policies (security system, clock in hours, reporting).

  • Employees involved agree to the terms and conditions of the policy and are in regular communication in order to effectively fulfill their work responsibilities.

  • The job sharing agreement should be reviewed at least once per year.

Case Studies

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