02 Aug 2015 12:00:00 AM

Shift Swapping

Allow shift-workers to trade shifts with each other, enabling them the flexibility to meet both their work responsibilities and personal needs without having to sacrifice one or the other.

Important Considerations
  • Proper policy, system controls and reporting must be in place prior to implementation.

  • Employees and supervisor must have a significant amount of trust to successfully implement a shift swapping arrangement.

  • A degree of control over this FWA is needed depending on the company’s policies (security system, clock in hours, reporting).

  • Shifts should only be swapped amongst employees within the same function, or where specialised skills are not required of either employee in order to carry out the tasks. E.g. for patients requiring special care or preferred call centres.

  • Consider implementing a cut-off point after which shift swapping will not be entertained to minimise risks to business disruption.

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