29 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM

Flexible Work Arrangements

Compressed Work Week
Employees are given a chance to work fewer but long work-days
Employee’s Choice of Day Off
Employees having the ability to plan work schedules and off-days
Flexi Hours
Employees given the flexibility to adjust their daily working hours as long as it meets the specified number of hours within the week
Job Sharing
Work that is shared between two or more part-time employees
Leaving Work Early
Employees ending a normal working day earlier
Project Based Work
Hiring a person for a specific project
Reduced/Part-time Work
Allowance for employees to work less than standard full-time hours
School Holidays Work Arrangement
Parents with school-going children are allowed the option to work from home during school holidays
Seasonal Work
Recruitment of additional employees during seasonal/peak periods to cover additional workload
Shift Swapping
Allowing shift-workers to trade shifts with each other
Staggered Hours
Varying the start and end working hours in a manner that is best for the employees
Allowance to work from home or anywhere other than the office
Weekend Work
An allowance for hired part-timers to work specifically on weekends