15 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM

Why Implement Flexible Work Arrangements

Today’s workforce demands flexibility that allows them to plug-in and work from anywhere, at any time. Technology makes this possible.

Employers have much to gain from innovating and developing their environments to adapt to the needs of a technology-driven, changing working landscape. Implementing flexible working arrangements in the office is easier than you think!

Why Implement Flexible Work Arrangements
Promote better work-life integration in balancing professional and personal commitments.
Provide support to working parents in an organisation.
Motivates employees to work to their fullest capability through flexible work arrangements.

What Can You Offer? 

There are many ways for you to start offering a flexible working environment in your office to encourage productivity and keep your teams happy. Here are some suggestions: 
Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work arrangements refers to work arrangements which provide greater flexibility in the following areas: the workplace, the scheduling of hours worked and the number of hours worked.

Family Friendly Facilities

Family friendly facilities are company-sponsored facilities that are family-centric to support working parents.

Work-Life Benefits

Work-life benefits are flexible and family-friendly incentives that support employees achieve better work-life integration.