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Sabbatical Leave

Large block of leave taken, which may be fully paid, partially-paid or unpaid, e.g. a few months or a few years, in order to pursue an objective, project or family matters.

Important Considerations
  • Employees should have a minimum of 1 year of full time/ continuous service (or equivalent).

  • Employees should have good past performance history and support from supervisor.

  • Eligibility to utilise sabbatical leave arrangement and data privacy and intellectual property policy must be clearly defined prior to implementation.

  • Employees are not allowed to be engaged in other forms of employment during the period of sabbatical leave. This must be clearly communicated and defined in the policy prior to implementation.

  • Any outside services during the sabbatical leave for which an employee can receive compensation must be agreed upon and a special employment contract should be issued. Outside services must not be related to the employer’s business or the employees` responsibilities within the company.

  • Employees must use any existing vacation balance before the sabbatical leave.

  • Time spent on sabbatical does not contribute to an employee’s period of continuous service.

  • Employees are not eligible for training during the leave period.

  • Technology related items (hardware and software) issued to employee must be returned or discontinued if sabbatical period is more than 6 months.

  • Re-training requirements for employees who have been away from the workforce for more than a defined period of time.

  • Sabbatical leave is granted on a discretionary basis and is not to be considered as an employee’s right.

  • The sabbatical leave arrangement should be reviewed at least once per year.

  • HR may edit or discontinue the policy if it no longer meets business needs.

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