02 Aug 2015 12:00:00 AM

Support Network

Networking or mentoring programmes with a common focus to target audience, e.g. professional women, executive leaders, pre-maternity mothers and post-natal mothers returning from their maternity leave.

Important Considerations
  • Programme objectives to be defined (e.g. advance the development of women) and identification of supporting activities to drive objectives.

  • Plan ahead with a roster of activities to maintain employee interest.

  • Consider providing funding for these programmes / activities.

  • Technology readiness (share point, portal, online sites) to support the options chosen.

  • Time availability within the normal working hours to hold support network events with minimal potential disruption at work.

  • Costs required to set up and maintain technology related items (share point, portal, online sites) and other costs related to recurring support network events (breakfast sessions, after work dinner session etc.).

Case Studies

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