09 Sep 2015 12:00:00 AM

Life at Work Awards 2015

The Life At Work Awards 2015 recognises women-friendly employers with leading workplace strategies that champion the diversity and inclusion agenda.
We would like to congratulate all winners of our 2015 Life At Work Awards!

The annual Life At Work event which concluded on 9 September saw four companies and a CEO walk away with awards in the following categories:
Best Malaysian Organisation - Maybank Group
Best International Organisation - IBM Malaysia
Best Lean Organisation - IHS Malaysia
Best Initiative Shell Graduate Programme - Shell Malaysia
CEO Champion Datuk Johan Idris, Managing Partner - KPMG in Malaysia

Key initiatives shared during the event include:
  • Recruitment policies and drives became more female-centred. This year’s winners such as Maybank, Shell, IBM and IHS have all implemented policies to help maintain female employment at 50% or more. 

  • Flexible work arrangements provide options for staff to work on fixed flexible schedules, flextime, part-time and flexible work locations.

  • The implementation of focus groups and programmes such as Women Mentor Women Council [Maybank Group], Inclusiveness and Diversity Agenda (GIDA) Framework [Maybank Group], Business Resource Group and Women in IBM Network Group (WINGs) [IBM Malaysia], Shell Graduate Programme [Shell Malaysia] and mentoring & ambassadors help enable, prioritise and accelerate the development and growth of female talent. 

  • Diversity and inclusion became a key focus of an organisation. This allows for the recognition of female leadership and key changes include appointment of women partners as business unit heads and in top managerial positions traditionally dominated by men.

  • Special mention was made to SunEdison for the introduction of family-centric policies such as 4 weeks of paternity leave and 16 weeks of maternity leave on full pay, the Baby Bonding Bonus scheme and family care leave of up to 12 months of full pay for those with immediate family members diagnosed with terminal illness.