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MIMOS Childcare Centre

Published on July 2, 2013
MIMOS is a purpose-driven organisation, tasked to enhance technological competencies of the industry, create new markets and help raise Malaysia’s local, regional and international market competitiveness.

Mimos provides on-campus kindergarten and transit centre. Since 2007, Mimos provides employees with an on-campus kindergarten and transit centre with qualified teachers for school-going children, which acts as a part-daycare and part-transit house.

Located in the Technology Park Malaysia, the kindergarten and childcare is one of only facilities of its kind within the Technology Park. The centre aims to temporarily assist parents who do not have a care provider at home to oversee their children and provide support with their learning.

On-campus kindergarten and transit centre since 2007.
As most of the children have been a part of the MIMOS Tadika, they were quite comfortable with the teachers and the facilities. Since then, the tadika continues to accommodate transit children upon requests to assist parents.

As part of Mimos’ objective of creating a flexible work environment, the transit centre also serves as a retention strategy for the company. One of the primary business concerns is the resignation of technical women competent in engineering and scientific fields due to family commitment. Although women are one of the priorities of this initiative, the facility is utilised by both men and women who have young children.

The kindergarten and transit centre was developed based on the feedback from parents in Mimos who felt they required additional support for their children. The kindergarten and transit centre accepts children between ages 4 to 12 years old and aims to provide children with a healthy, safe and secure environment. The kindergarten which admits 28 children a year follows the national kindergarten syllabus for children below seven years old. All children are guided with activities and tuition classes to encourage developmental growth and improve their academics performance. They are also encouraged to undertake extra-curricular activities and to strive for award and recognition for top examination results.

Parents are able to drop off their children at the kindergarten and transit centre in the morning if the child has afternoon classes. The child will take part in various activities or tuition classes and at 11 am, the children will shower, have their lunch and are then transported to school. For children with morning classes, they are dropped off to the centre in the afternoon until their parents pick them up in the evening.

Currently the facilities do not accommodate babies. However, there are future plans to expand the facilities and build a nursery once the company is able to secure a space.

Since the implementation of the childcare facility, Mimos has received positive feedback from employees regarding the kindergarten and transit facilities. “Overall the transit service is excellent and it allows parents to be less worried about their children’s welfare during the school period”, says Hasibah Sufian, an Associate Researcher. The facility provides parents, particularly mothers, with ease of mind that their children are taken care of by qualified teachers in a safe and secure environment within walking distance of their office.

“Working from home saves me a lot of travelling time and the everyday stress of getting a car park. Apart from being in the comfort of my own home, it also gives me more control of my time over work and life.” - Sharon Choong, Finance & Controlling

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Flexible Work Arrangement

To build a flexible environment, Mimos provides employees with variety of ways to work flexibly. These options include flexi-hours and part-time work.