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TASSEK Childcare Centre

Published on July 2, 2013
The Securities Commission was established on 1 March 1993 under the Securities Commission Act 1993 as a self-funding statutory body with investigative and enforcement powers. It reports to the Minister of Finance and its accounts are tabled in Parliament annually. Its ultimate responsibility is to protect the investor. In addition, it is also obliged by statute to encourage and promote the development of the securities and futures markets in Malaysia.

“For an organisation to stay relevant, we need to embrace changes. In the SC, we are unafraid of change as we have a well-established culture of diversity, inclusiveness and taking on challenges and growing opportunities”

- Datin Teh Ija Mohd Jalil, Executive Director, Corporate Resources, Securities Commission Malaysia

In line with the Government’s call for more caring employers, the Securities Commission established a childcare centre in January 2001 as part of its objective of supporting employees with young children in balancing their work and family commitments.

Taman Asuhan Suruhanjaya Sekuriti or ‘TASSEK’ is subsidised for children of employees aged from 3 months to 5 years. Located in the Securities Commission office, the centre provides close proximity between child and parent.

As part of the Securities Commission’s Organisation Transformative Programme in 2001, the childcare centre aims to enhance the organisation’s capabilities and productivity. Sourcing for quality child care is a common challenge amongst parents. Hence providing a childcare centre eliminates immediate concerns of which childcare centre to join.

Prior to embarking on this, the Securities Commission developed a business case for the childcare centre to analyse the correlation between the investment required to establish and sustain the centre and the value generated to the business through this initiative.

The objective was to subsidise childcare for employees. Through this initiative, employees are charged a nominal monthly fee which varies according to the child’s age as well as employee’s designation. Executive employees pay a slightly higher fee than non-executives.

The company invested approximately RM600,000 for this initiative, of which RM200,000 was for capital expenditure and RM391,000 for annual operating cost.

In 2008, Securities Commission partnered with BiB’s Childcare Development Centre to outsource the daily management and operation of the centre as well as developing the children’s curriculum. BiB’s Childcare Development Centre is a child development professional that partners with companies to manage the childcare operations as well as to develop learning curriculum for children at different ages.

Utilising an outsource model, the company believed that further savings could be made without compromising the quality of childcare services and learning programmes. With BiB’s Childcare Development Centre on board, the service and programme delivery was reviewed and the recommendation was to reduce child capacity in the facility to optimise child development and learning. Currently TASSEK oversees a maximum of 50 children a year. Parents that are unable to secure a space are able to register on a waiting list and are notified once a space is made available for their child.

The centre opens at 7:30 am to cater to parents who wish to come in the office early in the morning and closes at 6:45 pm. The centre will remain open after 6:45 pm if the parentsare unable to collect their child at the time.However the parents will be charged with an overtime rate to encourage them to be on time and indirectly to also leave work early and spend more time with their children.

Learning & Development Curriculum

To maximise learning opportunities, the centre currently has 12 care providers and ensures that there is a 3:1 ratio for babies to care provider and a 10:1 ratio for older children and care provider.

Upon registration, the parents are briefed on the services provided and the lesson plans to enable them to be involved in their child’s development. The curriculum recognises that children grow and mature at different times, hence they have designed overall activities to reflect these development differences. Parents are provided with the curriculum for the year to allow them to provide input on the programmes delivered. The curriculum includes the following activities:

  • Language & literacy activities

  • Thematic approach

  • Promote critical thinking and decision making skills

  • Mathematics

  • Physical activities

  • Music lessons

  • Arts and crafts

  • Field trips

  • Sports

  • Family Day

In the first year of operation, the centre had 84 children under its care and 10 childcare providers taking care of the children. The centre continues to generate interest from employees with mothers-to-be registering months in advance for a placement for their baby.

TASSEK not only provides employees with a facility to care and develop their children, it also encourages parents to spend time with their child during the lunch break.

“Working from home saves me a lot of travelling time and the everyday stress of getting a car park. Apart from being in the comfort of my own home, it also gives me more control of my time over work and life.” - Sharon Choong, Finance & Controlling

  • Strategy & Objectives
    • Strict adherence to the childcare requirements by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), also known as the National Welfare Department in ensuring every child’s well-being.

    • The parent’s constant need of a childcare centre that does not only take care of the children but at the same time develops their esteem and creative skills.

  • Organisation Alignment
    • Dealing with feedback and concern by both parties (childcare provider and parents) in a discreet, understanding and efficient manner.

  • Strategy & Objectives
  • Leadership
    • Top Management Influence
  • Organisation Alignment
    • HR Policies & Procedures
    • Cultural & Organisational Alignment

  • 2014 : “Prime Minister Award for Human Resources Excellence (Private Sector)”, HR Asia

  • 2014 : “1Malaysia Employer Award (GLC)”

  • 2014 : “Asia’s Best Employer Awards 2014”, 5th Asia Best Employer Awards