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Staggered Hours, Flextime, Telecommuting, Part-time

Published on May 14, 2015
Maybank is Southeast Asia’s fourth largest bank by assets and is among the top 120 banks in the world, including the third largest Islamic bank globally. It is listed and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and is Malaysia’s largest company by market capitalisation.

The Maybank Group has a global network of over 2,400 offices in 20 countries, including in all 10 ASEAN countries. The Group commenced commercial banking operations in Malaysia in 1960 and today operates from its key home markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as well as across the Asia-Pacific region and major international financial centres such as Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United States of America.

“We believe that creating a positive work climate will not only bring out the best in our employees but also give them a sense of belonging which will translate into greater productivity and better customer experience. In this way, we also create a culture where everyone works together to achieve our goals.”

- Nora Abd Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer

Maybank believes in fostering an inclusive environment that is rich in diversity, acknowledges each individual’s uniqueness and promotes respect which would help drive innovation, growth and performance within the organisation. In 2013, Maybank formalised its Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) policy to help employees achieve work life integration whilst producing exceptional performance and quality of work. However Maybank embarked on work-life balance initiatives much earlier within its People and Performance Transformation 5-Year Plan that went full steam in 2009.

With a work-life business approach, Maybank staff are more productive, more creative and innovative, and are able to focus outward - more customer-focussed. To top it all, Maybank’s staff engagement score significantly improved since 2008 and Maybank was listed in the Towers Watson Global High Performing Company (GHPC) norms for the past 2 years, a recognition given to organisations for achieving sustainable high business performance and have Talent management practices at global standards.

In line with Maybank’s talent management strategy, the company believes that giving employees work flexibility will help increase employees’ productivity as well as help retain talent. Maybank also believes that FWA will help create a harmonious work environment that is responsive to the changing professional and personal needs of today’s workforce. The FWA initiative was put in place to also enhance its reputation in the marketplace, and help brand the company as “Employer of Choice”.

Flexible Work Arrangement in Maybank

The Flexible Work Arrangement policy was formalised to empower its employees to manage and optimise their working hours without affecting their business and personal commitments. Maybank also believes that having work flexibility could help ensure women are able to stay in the workforce. To date, Maybank offers on a case-by-case basis the following Flexible Work Arrangement to its employees:
  • Fixed Flexible Schedule (Staggered Hours)
  • The employee’s weekly pattern remains consistent, but is other than the department’s standard schedule

  • Flextime
  • Employees may individualise their start and end times of each work day/week but continue to maintain the number of required hours or total effort in a given week

  • Telecommuting or Flexible Work Location
  • The practice of fulfilling a portion of the employee’s work/job responsibilities at an alternative work site on a regular basis, e.g. work from home or from an alternative work location

  • Reduced Hours/Converting to Part-Time Employment
  • An employee may request to reduce the number of hours he/she works or convert to part- time employment on a temporary or permanent basis. Any request needs to be balanced with operational requirements, the needs and impact on other employees in the function. Reducing hours worked may affect salary and benefit levels, inclusive of annual leave, sick leave and medical provisions

Flexible Work Arrangement Key Considerations

To ensure smooth implementation of the FWA policy, Maybank put together a set of guidelines for its employees, which outlines the responsibility, accountability, principle, governance and monitoring of the FWA for each employee. Some of the key guidelines include:
Guidelines Description
FWA Application & Eligibility
  • Current way of working is still the norm. FWA is an exception and allowed by application and approved on merit.

  • FWA is applicable to all employees and aligned to work responsibilities, overall performance, work style and department’s goals.

  • Employee’s nature of work and performance history is also taken into consideration to support the request.

  • Request must be supported by Business Human Capital and approved by the Line Manager.
FWA Duration
  • Once approved the applicant shall go through a trial period of 3 months.

  • Minimum FWA period is 6 months and is reviewed annually.

  • All individuals must be prepared to return to pre-flexibility arrangements if the situation requires.
FWA Duration
  • Once approved the applicant shall go through a trial period of 3 months.

  • Minimum FWA period is 6 months and is reviewed annually.

  • All individuals must be prepared to return to pre-flexibility arrangements if the situation requires.
Line Manager Responsibilities
  • Respond to request in a timely manner and keep the employee informed.

  • Consider FWA request based on its own merit and equal consideration. Be supportive, clarify with the employee and suggest other alternatives (if unacceptable).

  • Meet regularly with the employee to review the success of the arrangement, especially within the initial trial period.

  • Perform random checks to ensure FWA is working effectively as well as terms and conditions are complied.
Work From Home
  • Employees are required to call in for meetings and come to office when necessary.

  • Employees must be accessible or contactable at all times, either via phone or e-mail.

  • Security and confidentiality of work as well as personal information about employees or customers must adhere to Maybank’s Security Policy and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) at all times.

As at 31 January 2015, 111 of Maybank’s staff have benefitted from the formalisation of the FWA policy. The company remains responsive in reviewing its work arrangement to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the business environment and diverse demographics. These reviews are undertaken on a need basis and aligned to business needs and other various expectations. As a result of the HR transformative efforts driven by top management, Maybank’s key retention rate is currently at 85%, a significant increase from 52% in 2008.

Maybank also strives to accommodate women’s workplace issues and hopes to continue building practices that can help women reach their full potential. Maybank has put in place the Women Mentor Women Programme, where they have dedicated mentors to support, guide and help other potential women leaders through balancing personal and career goals. The Company is also actively pursuing plans to introduce Women in Financial Industry (WIFI) initiative, which is a structured development programme targeted at women professionals looking to build their career within the financial industry.

Gender representation is religiously tracked as part of our standard People Dashboard within our transformation programme driven in the last five years. In 2014, women in the workforce at Maybank stood at 54%. Women representation in senior management positions have grown from 11% in 2008 to 35% in 2014. Women in the succession planning pool for critical positions increased from 19% in 2010 to 35.1% in 2014.

It is also monitored as part of the Group Inclusiveness and Diversity Agenda (GIDA) through a compulsory Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in the top management balanced scorecard.

Maybank continues to focus on identifying issues and initiate change efforts to create an inclusive work environment, integrating diversity with Maybank’s core values to ultimately create an inclusive and equitable work environment as well as a peak performing culture for women to learn, earn, thrive and empower themselves and others.

  • Top Employer of the Year, the first financial services group to come in top of the overall list of 100 most popular employers of all industries in the nation in Malaysia’s Top 100 Leading Graduate Employer Awards 2014. It was a great jump from No. 17 in 2009

  • Winner of the Banking & Financial Services Category for four consecutive years in a row in Malaysia’s Top 100 Leading Graduate Employer Awards 2014

  • Two years running recognition from Towers Watson (TW) as the only Malaysian founded organisation in the Towers Watson Global High Performing Company Norm 2013 and 2014 which serves as a benchmark for high performing companies globally; meeting two criteria (a) sustained superior financial performance and (b) superior human resource practices benchmarked to other Global High Performing Companies

  • For talent recruitment and talent development in Malaysia’s Top 100 Leading Graduate Employer Awards 2014, Maybank emerged Winner, Best Innovation on Campus Maybank GO Ahead Challenge; Winner, Best Internship Experience. The Bank was also among the top three Finalist for Best Management Trainee Programme in Banking & Financial Service (Global Maybank Apprentice Programme and Best Social Media Usage)

  • Workplace Practices Award and Best Sustainability Report Award 2013, Association of Chartered Accountant’s Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards

  • Winner, Best Malaysian Organisation category of Life at Work Award 2014 by Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) and Towers Watson, in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

  • Regional recognition as Winner for Excellence in Creating a Customer Centric Organisation, the only Malaysian company to win this regional award and Runner up for the ‘Best Technology Transformation Award’ for
    Maybank’s Group HR Shared Services and mobile application for myHR2u, Maybank’s self-service online HR central hub at the Annual Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week in Singapore

  • Regional HR awards as Gold winner in Graduate Development Category of the Asia HR Excellence Award 2014 in Singapore

  • Maybank Singapore received the prestigious Singapore Quality Class Star Certification for Excellence that also recognised people performance