02 Jul 2013 12:00:00 AM

Mom’s Club

Published on July 2, 2013
SilTerra, a leading wafer foundry provider, offers state-of-the-art CMOS wafer technology to global semiconductor customers. SilTerra’s technologies and design solutions have enabled thousands of integrated circuit (IC) designs from our customers ranging from the Computing, Consumer and Communication product segments.

In the recent years, SilTerra has embarked on various family friendly facilities. The need to have one single taskforce to govern and manage these programmes gave rise to the formation of SilTerra’s Mom’s Club which was an initiative implemented as part of TalentCorp’s fleXChallenge in June 2013.

In general, SilTerra Management fully supports the above initiatives. Prompt decision and top-down support are easily obtained. In addition, directive to execute the above initiatives are easily carried out and supported by departments involved. One example was the realization of the Mother Care Centre, a nursing room for mothers, that was fully set-up and delivered by their Facilities Department one week after approval from top management. This nursing room is fully equipped with air-conditioning, a refrigerator and the ability to accommodate 4 nursing moms at any given time.

Another example of support from the Management is the Pregnancy Priority Parking that allows pregnant mothers to park their car closer to employee entrance so that they can walk under the shady walkways. SilTerra has allocated parking bays for that special purpose. Job rotation opportunities are given high attention by the Management to the pregnant mom, which is spelt out in a policy.

SilTerra’s workforce is made up of young diploma holders and graduates. Hence, it is such a waste if the young female employees decide to leave their career to attend to their family upon getting married. SilTerra believes that support from the employer plays an important role in retaining these young female employees.

The Mom’s Club started in June 2013 as a means to bring together various smaller programmes under one umbrella. The Mom’s Club includes the following initiatives:
  • Temporary relocation of pregnant mothers
  • Rotation of expectant mothers to ‘lighter’ duties to accommodate to their changing bodies.

  • Pregnancy Priority Parking (PPP)
  • Designated car park bays for pregnant mothers in order to avoid walking long distances and to increase safety.

  • Mother Care (Nursing Room)
  • A convenient and private space for mothers to express and store breast milk.

  • Healthy Mom Day (Gym Day for Female)
  • A specific day allocated during the work week for only female employees to utilise the gymnasium. This is done to encourage and provide female employees with a safe space to exercise.

  • Soccer Mom Club
  • Sports activities and events for women to encourage networking and bonding amongst female employees.

  • SKiT (SilTerra Kids in Transit)
  • A temporary transit place for children to stay while waiting for their parents.

  • Annual Pap-Smear and Breast Check
  • A service to encourage and facilitate female employees to attend to these annual check-ups without leaving the office.
Female employees are required to register at designated places every time they intend to use one of the facilities. SilTerra also created a process flow to monitor and manage pregnant female employees requesting for job rotation and Pregnancy Priority Parking (PPP).

The cost incurred is very minimal since existing facilities were utilised (e.g. existing parking areas, an available room for Mother Care (Nursing Room), existing gym and futsal court facilities and an area in the existing cafeteria was designated for the children transit). Additionally, doctors and nurses from the nearby government clinic are invited over to SilTerra on an annual basis to provide free pap-smear and breast checking.

The PPP, Mother Care (Nursing Room) and the Gym have been consistently utilised by female employees and usage rate was reported at 100% of capacity.

SilTerra has also recently completed the upgrading of the SKiT facilities to a more conducive room by moving its current location from the cafeteria to the first floor of the building. This will give more flexibility and privacy to the parents and children.

Leadership Support

Overall, SilTerra’s leadership is very supportive of family-friendly facilities as demonstrated by the various programmes that are currently being implemented. One example is the implementation of Mother Care (Nursing Room) which was completed in a very short period due to the support and facilities provided by the Operations Department.

35 female employees took part in the first Mom’s Club meeting. This represented 20% of the normal shift female employees. During the meeting, the members nominated the Office bearer for the Mom’s Club, President, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members. They have also discussed and agreed on a few upcoming activities for women such as Pot Luck, Buy-and Sell Items, and setting up of a Mom’s Club Webportal.

  • Leadership
    • Commitment from the leadership

  • Organisation Alignment
    • Nominating an effective taskforce to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the initiatives are maintained

  • SilTerra has been awarded AON-Best Employer Award 2010 based on its human resources best practices and its operational efficiency. Their human resources best practice encompasses equal opportunity for career development, work-life balance, work flexibility, conducive-working environment and workplace satisfaction.