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Find out how TalentCorp can provide advisory and support services to organisations on implementing Work-Life Practices, which includes Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA), Work-Life Benefits (WLB) and Family-Friendly Facilities (FFF).  We have engaged many Thought Leadership organisations on their WLPs journey - from small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to multinational companies (MNCs), across all sectors from manufacturing, oil and gas, information technology to banking and financial services.  

Discover how we can support your FWA, WLB and FFF implementation by leveraging our expertise and knowledge on providing best practices, recommendations, and action plans. The team will provide organisations with useful guides and templates to kickstart or enhance your WLP implementation journey.

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA)
Understand your FWA objectives and challenges to provide customised solutions to meet your organisations needs.
Work-Life Benefits (WLB)
Align your WLB goals to create a healthier and more productive workforce.
Family-Friendly Facilities (FFF)
Support your FFFs programmes and policies to prioritise inclusiveness of your workforce.

For the detailed list of Work-Life Practises, please go to RESOURCES.

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