What Is FWA@Workplace?

The FWA@Workplace initiative is one of the government’s efforts to encourage organisations to adopt flexible work arrangements as the way of working.

The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world, including Malaysia, has forced organisations to adopt work-from-home (WFH) as the best possible way for them to stay afloat while maintaining productivity. As the world returns to normality, organisations need to redefine their flexibility models to cater to different age groups, gender, and job roles to attract and retain talent. 

A work-life-friendly workplace can be established by introducing and implementing Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA), allowing employees to vary their work arrangements to suit their individual needs.

Take Charge of FWA implementation in your company. TalentCorp is here to help future-proof your company through our new FWA@Workplace initiative.

Get access to FWA workshops, one-one consultations, and boot camps worth RM 200,000, all for FREE. What’s even better, consultations are tailor-made to best suit your company’s needs.

  • FWA Readiness Assessment
    This is a complimentary FWA readiness assessment to assist organisations in assessing their maturity and readiness of their FWA to implement a more comprehensive and sustainable FWA policy based on key indicators of PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY. Organisations will receive a report that provides their scores and a high-level implementation recommendation.

    To complete the online assessment, CLICK HERE
  • FWA Workshop
    The FWA workshop aims to equip your HR with the technical know-how to implement FWA in your organisation. Learn the steps of implementing FWA with the right tools and understand the role of HR in building and sustaining the culture of FWA. There will be 2 different FWA Workshops that your HR can participate in, depending on the level of FWA maturity and readiness. The workshop is FREE and is on a first come first basis.

    SAVE THE DATE: (To be announce soon)

    To register for the WORKSHOP please click this link FWA@WORKPLACE WORKSHOP REGISTRATION

    Once we receive your registration - we will send you an invitation to the virtual workshop and instructions for participation.
  • FWA Consultation
    FWA Consultation is a consultation programme that assists organisations in implementing new ways of working in a more structured and sustainable approach to retain and attract a wider pool of talent whilst driving business growth and productivity. The consultation will be tailored to your organisation’s FWA needs. There will be different FWA Consultation Packages that organisations can subscribe to. Each package comes with FREE consultation and deliverables. 

    Organisations interested in the FWA Consultation programme can email to fwaatworkplace@talentcorp.com.my for more details.

Organisations interested in the FWA@Workplace programme can email to flexworklife@talentcorp.com.my for more details.  The FWA@Workplace programme is available from now. 

For more information, kindly refer to the FAQ.


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